This is the most technologically advanced system in the world and provides full confidentiality to the information exchanged in the room.
The interpreters’ audio signal is transmitted via infrared rays to the receivers ensuring high sound fidelity and total confidentiality.  
InterData® infrared receivers –made in Argentina- have a six-language channel selector, volume control and headset to provide the audience with access to simultaneous interpretation into the language of their choice.
The interpreter booth is soundproof, equipped with InterData® interpretation consoles for two interpreters, and is built according to international standards.
The interpreters’ signal is transmitted via powerful InterData infrared radiators strategically located across the room.
Among other advantages, this system prevents the signal from being captured outside the room.
InterData® has an alarm system built in each infrared receiver so that each participant has no need to deliver an ID to use the receiver.  
This provides for expediency in the opening and closing of each event.

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