Infrared Transmission: The Great Difference
International agencies such as the United Nations Organization, WEF and the European Union, have made the Infrared Transmission technology mandatory for four reasons:
It is the easiest technology to install.  The room to use the system can be set up in a really short period of time, no matter the number of attendees.
In events with multiple rooms, the user can switch rooms with no need to change headsets to listen to the interpretation into his/her language.
The infrared spectrum signal is not exposed to interference suffered by radiofrequency technology equipment.  There is no such a thing as risk of service discontinuance for transmission antenna cutoff since no cables are used for signal emission.
The signal is captured only inside the room and cannot be intercepted from the outside.  This provides total confidentiality and no interference with other equipment units that might be used in next door rooms.

The chart clearly depicts how the radiofrequency transmission (inductive system) has a huge inconvenience as the signal goes through the room walls easily which goes counter information security and reliability.




Here you can clearly see how the infrared rays bounce on the walls, which ensures full information confidentiality and no interference with other equipment units located in next door rooms.

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